The following is how my front page originally appeared on June 9th 2017, when I announced my candidacy.

Jacy Eberlein for City Council

09 June 2017

I am pleased to announce that I am running for St. Albert City Council, in the 2017 election. For the last seventeen years, I have been trying to learn as much about politics as I can, and now seek to put that knowledge to your use.

I have grown up in St. Albert, I have gone to our excellent schools, walked our paths, frequented our businesses. This is the city that has given so much to me, so now it is time to give back. As our Mayor, Nolan Crouse, recently said: we need a more diverse City Council. I hope to provide that with a youth perspective. This city is renowned for its schools, which attract young couples, and young couples with children to our community. St. Albert's children and grandchildren need to have their voices heard, to ensure the longevity of this community. They will one day inherit our community, so they should have a hand in creating its future.

Although the issues are just starting to emerge for this upcoming election, I have put up some opinions on them in my issues page. However, the time leading up to the election is a time of listening. If you feel strongly about any of the issues, and feel I am in the wrong, please feel free to use my contact page. If you want to get involved, please see the Get Involved page.

I look forward to working with, and for you.