St. Albert is a community of communities. Our biggest communities are our neighbourhoods. From Akinsdale to Braeside and Grandin to Woodlands, these communities have worked together to make St. Albert the wonderful place it has become. I want to preserve those communities for tomorrow, and ensure that new neighbourhoods being built can make the transition to being communities.


The St. Albert Public Library is one of our most valued community resources. Since 1984, the number of items people have borrowed has more than tripled. But it is a service that was built and designed for a community of less than half our current population. With the growth of our citizenry, the library has felt the demand grow, past the ability of our current, single, library location.

I want to use the new library as a starting point that we can build off of as we build the new neighbourhoods to the north side of St Albert. From the architectural design, we can create new standards for future municipal facilities. From the land, we can set aside areas for future sports facilities, schools, municipal services, and everything else that we love about our city.

I love libraries, and I want everyone to have good access to one. Residents need to be able to take full advantage of library services. A vote for the new branch library is a vote for the future of our community.

Affordable Housing

House prices continue to rise across Canada. My generation, and future generations may not be able to afford a detached home. They also may not want one. Apartment and condo living is the way of the future.

Council is currently working to annex land from Sturgeon County in order to provide space for more affordable housing options. If elected, I will try to ensure the greater use of R3 and R3a districting, which provides for apartment and condo complexes. I will try to improve the land use bylaw to better permit mixed use residential and commercial land in the same area, to give citizens more local options. And, I will try to district extra parks to ensure there is room for the schools and public spaces that these new communities will require.

Neighbourhoods have always been our communities in St. Albert. I want to make sure that any new neighbourhoods that are built can make that next step to becoming a part of the broader St. Albert community.

Young and Old, Together

I have spoken with residents who are worried about their parents’, and their own futures as part of St. Albert. Costs and accessibility for old-age services are insufficient for many who want to remain near to their families, and community as they age.

Similarly, young people are driven out of the city by high prices, debt, and taxes. The affordable housing problem prevents our young, future community members, from moving in.

I intend to promote the construction of new old-age residences, nearer to new facilities for young people and families. I want to be able to bring the sense of community between young and old, as I have seen done elsewhere, to bring the joy of children, and wisdom of age together.