Previous Design Work

I have been doing design work since I was in high-school. The following is a selection of designs that I have produced from 2012-17. Not everything I have produced is on here, just some of the more interesting iterations. It is ordered newest to oldest.

Bakers For Good - 2017

A baking club at the university asked me to make them a logo for their events and branding. I prefer finding a good black-and-white base logo that can be expanded upon into colour if necessary.

Bakers For Good (now defunct) provided bake-sale services to other clubs to help them raise funds. Instead of having to do the cooking themselves, clubs could request a sponsored event, for which Bakers For Good would supply all baking and sales.

I first drew the logo on paper using charcoal pencils, then scanned the chosen design, and touched it up in Illustrator. I played with the Varsity banner style, making it into a pie, featuring the traditional text styling. The text was based on an Arial derivative font, which then was modified in Illustrator to best fit the style and shape of the pie.

Overall, I'm happy with this one. Maybe the text could have been better, but the logo fit the attitude of the club. They were happy, so I'm happy.

Polyglot Club - 2017

The Polyglot club at the university never got off the ground, but I did a few draft designs for them before classes got in the way.

After doing some sketches, I decided on a layered word-mark, which I felt would best fit the linguistic nature of the club. Again, I started with a black-and-white logo that could be moved into colour if needed. I think due to the gradient background words, there could have been an interesting opportunity for colour work for certain special events, such as pride month. I started with a base logo of the phonetic letters, the unifying theme of linguistics. Then I worked with various languages to find the best fit. I tried non-latin characters, but they simply didn't fit into the design as I wanted, so I ended up going with an entirely latin-based language set. I let the letters overlap in the main word to give a sense of progression for the language. All of this was done exclusively in Illustrator.

This was a fun one to work on, and I'm disappointed that it never got used. I still really like it, which is why I've included it here. It might be a little busy, and there probably would have been another couple of drafts, but the club closed and this never got any further. Such is life.

Christmas Card - 2017

I drew this bird in 2017 to use on the front of my Christmas cards for that year. It seemed to go over very well.

I used Bristol board, pencil, and then a dip pen with carbon ink initially to draw the bird. Then I scanned it into Illustrator for cleanup. I opted to add the blue snow-texture afterword using lines enlarged from the original scan. I think it turned out pretty well for me.

Airship Comic - 2015

I have never claimed to be the best artist, and this shows it. But I do claim to enjoy drawing comics, so I figured I should include one here. I chose this one because the art and the colouring really still tickle me.

I started on Bristol board with pencil for the rough draft. Then I inked using carbon ink and a Japanese g style dip pen. Then I scanned it into photoshop for colouring, and stuck it in a folder.

It may not be my best work, but I still like it enough to include it here.

TWA Background - 2013

In 2013 I was obsessed with mid-century modern design. Part of that was the TWA Rocket from Disney's Tomorrowland.

I replicated the rocket from photos in Illustrator, adding colour. Then I also traced a building. Finally I added some semi-transparent spheres and jutting lines in the style of 1950s posters. All of that was then put on a photo of heavy-stock paper.

If I were doing this for someone else, I would have gotten all the appropriate rights first. I don't remember where I got the building from, and the rocket certainly isn't public domain. I can't even be sure of the paper texture these days. But seeing as it was just a design for me, I am still happy with it. I think I achieved my goal of replicating mid-century modern design, and I'm pleased.

Earth Flag - 2012

At some point in 2012, people on the internet were imagining what the flag of a spacefaring Earth might look like. I thought that their designs were over-burdened, so this is what I came up with.

The largest sphere represents both the Earth and the Sun. By having the third dot cut out, it shows that we are the third planet from the sun. I "moved" the cutout to the lower right to represent both our current theory of the origin of the Moon, and also the fact that we are currently a single-mooned planet. So: we are the third planet from our Sun, a single moon world. I used blue for the obvious reason: the pale blue dot.

I still like this design after all this time. I think it follows the principles of good flag design, namely, a child could easily draw it. And, I still think that it would be a viable design if Earth ever got that united. But I'm not holding my breath.