Community is at the core of everything we do in St. Albert. Whether that’s our sports teams, our neighbourhoods, or St. Albert itself. I want to preserve this fantastic community by planning for the future. I want to do it through:

- Library: It is one of the most used services in our community. I want everyone to have good access to a Library, and so I support the construction of a new branch. Read More Here.
- Affordable Housing: My generation and the next are going to have a much harder time affording their own house. That means your children and grandchildren. I want to improve districting and the land use bylaw for apartment and condo complexes. Read More Here.
- Young and Old Together: I want our senior citizens to be able to stay near to their families as they age. I also want to bring their wisdom to the vitality of youth. I will encourage the construction of old-age residences near to young residences. Read More Here.


My dad has worked in the IT industry for most of his life. He passed on his love for computing to me from a early age, and so I have a good understanding of most aspects of technology. I want to bring my knowledge and skills to improve our community.

- Fibre Connectivity: I want to improve the internet connection for individuals and businesses. In order for this community to thrive, we will need to have high quality internet for our citizens. Read More Here.
- Citizen’s Information: The City could be doing a better job of keeping our citizens informed. I want to examine and implement the best forms of communication. Read More Here.
- Security: I am concerned about the security of your personal information. The administration is putting your information at risk through poor security practices. Read More Here.


The environment is a high priority for most of our citizens. There is a reason we have branded ourselves the “Botanical City”. However, there are always things we can do to improve our city, and our environment.

- Big Lake: Big Lake is perhaps our most important ecological resource. I want to preserve it, with long term plans for maintenance. Read More Here.
- River Valley: The river valley is the most remarkable feature of our city. We need to make sure that it stays clean, and that we don’t build in its flood plains. [green belt]Read More Here.
- Wildlife: I want to protect our local wildlife to preserve our diverse ecosystem. We need to better educate our citizens about safety around wild animals. Read More Here.
- White Spruce Forest: The White Spruce Forest is one of our historical natural areas. I want to help protect it by giving the recognition it deserves on city council. Read More Here.
- Clean Energy: I want to improve access and knowledge about clean energy sources in St. Albert, including solar, geothermal, and wind power. The “Botanical City” should be a leader in clean energy implementation. Read More Here.

With these initiatives, I am planning for the future of our community, and our city.