My dad has worked in the IT industry for most of his life. He passed on his love for computing to me from a early age, and so I have a good understanding of most aspects of technology. I want to bring my knowledge and skills to improve our community.

Fibre Connectivity

The St. Albert Gazette recently published an article titled ”Slow bandwidth bad for business”. According to Michelle Ferguson, the internet in Riel Business park doesn’t meet the needs of businesses. In fact, bandwidth, which is the capacity of your internet connection, is poor across the city.

In our increasingly connected world, businesses need fast and reliable connections to the internet to survive. Canada lags behind the developed world in terms of price to value for our connections, according to this article from the Globe and Mail.

The city currently has private fibre-optic, high capacity lines for use between its buildings, and the ability to lay more down. I support instituting a last-mile program, which would see the city laying the cable necessary to provide for our citizens, only requiring providers to lay the last part of the connection to the customer’s houses. This sort of program has been successful in municipalities across the world.

Citizen's Information

The 2014 Resident Satisfaction Survey revealed that most citizens learn about local events and city news through the St. Albert Gazette, which is a good paper. However, the 2016 Social Development Master Plan Report revealed that we could be doing a better job of communicating with our citizens. The report advertised an astonishing number of views on a city YouTube video, at 190 views in six weeks, which is terribly low. They announced low attendance numbers for many of our great programs, like cooking classes, blanket exercises, and well-being seminars.

I want to examine and implement the best ways to improve our connection to citizens, through apps for our phones, messaging systems, advertisements, and community hearings. These services are being under-utilized, meaning you could be getting better value for your dollar.


There are some concerning digital security issues coming from our current administration.

I have seen the use of Windows XP on the City’s computers, an operating system which is no longer receiving security updates. These computers, if they are connected to their computer network, are a security risk for your personal information.

They are providing an easy-access way for hackers to gain access to our systems, or hold the city for ransom. I want to at least ensure rapid upgrading of these computers, if not stronger measures.

In the new “Smart City Master Plan”, the administration intends to use tracking of your devices to allow for targeted advertising, traffic flow analysis, and more. My dad always taught me to be careful when giving out personal information on the internet, and I do not want to be so careless when dealing with your information. I want to prevent this program before it gets started, and prevent further programs like it from ever being implemented.