Street Photography

Most of my street photography is exclusively available in print. You can find those in my books page, but here's a selection of some of my favourite.


Edmonton, Alberta area

Photos by

Jacy Eberlein

Illuminated window of a record shop with an open sign that is off.

Whyte Ave. in the heart of Old Strathcona here in Edmonton has always felt like the heart of the city as a whole. Most of my street photography comes from there as a vibrant and alive centre of culture.

Street photos of people will show up in my printed work, but if I'm sharing digitally, I prefer to keep faces out of it.
This shot was taken at a rally to protect trans kids in Edmonton, 2024. Below, at the St. Albert Farmer's Market in 2023.

Trans rights rally with sign saying: The Trans Agenda is an Average Life Expectancy.