Behind the Scenes

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating the images for NUOVA Vocal Art’s 2023 season, from conceptualization to finished product.

Cover photo by Nana Andoh.



I started with the script. For each photo, I read through the work and drafted some ideas about what images might work well.

Then, I drew previsualization images and added info about the shooting setup to each. That done, I pitched the set to NUOVA.


Working with NUOVA and the wonderful casts and crews, we got shooting days for each set. Despite last minute location issues with the Mansfield Park images, I pulled off this setup at their rehearsal space with a few strobes and my portable backdrop sets.

This is the image with Lightroom adjustments made. Heather Byford is playing Lady Betram and Roland Kessler is Sir Thomas Bertram.


Initial Composition

Bringing the image into Photoshop, I do an initial pass on composition, removing the backdrop behind our actors and adding in the new background.

I did this step for each image, ensuring that the basic composition worked before proceeding.

The Rest of the Owl

A few hours of Photoshop work later, the image is ready. I print a draft image to check for irregularities but it only needs a few minor changes.

Photoshop work includes building shadows, repainting hair, perspective work, toning, and more.

Thank you to NUOVA Vocal Arts, and to Kim Mattice Wanat for making this project work. I am so pleased with the final product.